ZE:A – Mazeltov

Aho yo!
It’s shutting down, Love
It’s shutting down, Blind
It’s shutting down, Passion

GET GET GET, live it up.
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ZE:A – My Only Wish

This Day is a very special day
This song is dedicated to each and everyone of you

Everytime that you’re around,
You make me feel so good inside. It’s true to my soul, oh yeah
Everytime that I’m away,
I can’t wait to see your face again. Devoted to you, I am
Without you I’m so lost.
No Matter what you hear or say, my heart is yours and that won’t change at all.
I know you feel the same as I.
You’re a butterfly with perfect wings and you’re my angel.
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ZE:A – Level Up

Wae nal dugo neo byeonhaneun geoya. tteonaneungeoni
Wae nat tteugeowo jjillineun geoya. mwolboneungeoni
Gwaenhan mallo neo mworaneun geoya. tteoboneungeoni
Wae neon goerowo pihaneungeoya. ibyeoringeoni

Han dubeon oneun gamgina jjarbeun yeolbyeong gateun geot
Noryeokhaesseo dwaesseo, eoneu nuguna jageun wigineun isseo.
Geunde miss miss ibeon uri wigineun gyeolko simsangchi anha
Nundo jakku pihago nal sogiryeo hae
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