Infinite – Take A Look Lyric

Verse 1

Dem outlaws was born to break laws and felonies
Deh got an empty gates in da town, deh run it steadily
To all my money makers cross town dissemble funds and put the pieces back together
Tryin’ to drunk one another
Case thrown out, storm da courtroom, uniforms and three piece suits
From bail putting up houses and loot, he walkin’
I heard him talking to his partner
Hawkins about his way of livin’
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Infinite – Sick Lyric

Verse 1

We pull mad triggers
War what we used to, some done buried before
What we used to, dropping bodies under the floor
Not what it looked like
It’s what it really be
And they could tell you in your next life
You’re still parrow
For whatever dinero
Blackout dirty barrels get stuck for your dinero
But who’s ta blame
Me or this dirty game
My blood forever cold
Just like my last name
The world is like this
My blood froze up my vein
Stick you for your drug money
Chip ice off your chain
Your life just blacked like dirty burns to your left jaw
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Infinite – Gotta Get Mine Lyric

You heard them kids that’s cold as ever
So stash this in humble rivers
Not forgettin’ the name
Infinite with gold frame
Night for us thought they gotta lock this mic in a chain
Everybody wants to rule the world and saddle my name
Yo, we whiping off slugs
Before they blow like 380 grains that fit inside milis
You know the dili
Born God I’m on a different flex at night
Yo everything’s crisp
Like pourin’ guiness down the end of a chaulis pipe
I’ve got you hooked like a cussie looking for cookie
Chop chop tied ’em with blood in a cup
I made you think twice to this so kick back and drink your whites
Most talks are negative and some are dead while they live
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