First Love – Donghae & Eunhyuk [super junior]

nan geudaemanui oppa geudaen namanui yeoja hangsang ne gyeote isseo julge
nan geudaemanui oppa dalkomhan uri sarang oppan neoman saranghallae
2006nyeon 2wor2il naege on geu nal hayan nuncheoreom
geu moseup gieokhaeyo nan jageun geu tteollimmajeodo
naege gidaeeoseo jamdeun geudae dalkomhan immatchumeul
saranghae i mal bakken saranghae i mal bakken
jul ge igeotppuninde
chang bakke nuni naeryeo garodeung bulbit arae
geu ane neowa naega isseo
nan geudae manui oppa
geudaen namanui yeoja
oppan neoman saranghallae


I am your own brother’s geudaen my own woman I’ll always be there for you
I am your own brother He is a sweet love only you, we want to love
February 2, 2006 the day came to me white as snow
I remember that I look a little shaky, even those
Come on, you expect me to sleep with a sweet kiss
Whoo Whoo!
I love you all I say this in love with me outside.
There’s not anything left to give
The light of street lamps outside the eyes are the window down.
You’re in it, I
I am your own brother.
Geudaen my own woman
He is gonna love for you.


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