SNSD – Wake Up [Lyric + Translate]

[Taeyeon] geunyang chamgo chamatji geuge
Saranginjur nan arasseosseo
[Yuri] ijewa neor saenggakhani doraboni
Cham utgijido anha
[Sunny] wae nan geureon giga chan neoui
Haengdongeur modu badajun geonji
[Seohyun] eonjena neonneun urineun eoptgo
Neo hanaman isseosseo
[Tiffany] hamkke nanun aju oraen gieokdeur da modu
Chueogi anira akmongigo
[Jessica] wae deo iljjig neoegeseo
Beoseonaji mothan nae jasini nanmiwo

[Yoona]neomu eoreyeoseo nan (apa)
[SooYoung]Imi da kkeutnasseo (nappa)
[HyoYeon]Neoreur ji ugesseo (ije geuman wake me up)
(Jakku)[Tiffany]eonjena neo hangsang
(Bappa)[Yuri]kkeuteoptneun oeroum
[TaeYeon]Nan ni inhyeongi anya

[Yoona] haera mara ganseopman hagon
Neon namjara da gwaenchanhdago
[Sooyoung] jeonhwado eopsi sarajyeo beoryeo
Wea neon nar gaduungeoni
[Hyoyeon] chakhan yeoja chinguga doego sipeotgeodeun
Chakgage ppajyeosseo babo gata
[Jessica] neon nae appaga anya
Myeongryeonghaesseo mwodeun
Neoui bangsig nan silheo

[Yoona]Neomu eoryeosseo nan (apa)
[SooYoung]Imi da kkeut nasseo (nappa)
[HyoYeon]Neoreur ji ugesseo (ije geuman wake me up)
[Taeyeon] nunmuri beonjyeowa inhyeongi anya

[SeoHyun]]Sumi makhyeo jakku (gappa)
[Yuri]Doragaji anha (narbwa)
[Sunny]Byeonhan nae moseubeul
(Jar ga iman wake you up)
[HyoYeon]Iman gajugetni [Jessica]ijeya
[Tiffany]Saenggageun jayuji [Jessica]algetni
[HyoYeon]Chorahae boiji [Tiffany]to me
[Jessica] nan jangnamgami anya
[Taeyeon] nan ni inhyeongi anya

Apa nappa ije geuman wake me up
[Taeyeon] ijeya algetni geuman gajulae

Ije geuman wake me up
[Tiffany] wake up



I found out that love is just waiting and waiting.
Yesterday when I thought of you it wasn’t funny.

Why I was rejected and accepted all your behavior
From some time, there wasn’t a ‘we’ for you and it was only you

From a long time ago, our memories shared together weren’t memories but also nightmares
I hate myself for not getting away from you earlier

(I was too young) Hurt (It had already finished) Bad (I’m going to erase you) No more wake me up
Frequently (Whenever you always) Busy (Endless loneliness) I know I’m not your doll

Do not or do you would only interfere as a guy everything was ok
Without even calling, you just disappeared why did you lock me

Because I wanted to be a good girlfriend, I fell for the illusion and was like a fool
You are not like my dad, I do not like your commanding way

(I was too young) Hurt (It had already finished) Bad (I’m going to erase you) No more wake me up
Tears spread and I’m not your doll

(I keep suffocating) out of breath (I won’t return) look at me (my changed appearance) farewell wake you up
(Can you leave now) now (I do not have deadlines for) You know (can you see the haggard look) to me

I’m not your toy I’m not your doll

Hurt Bad Now stop (I want to stop now) wake me up
Now I know, please leave

Now stop wake me up wake up


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